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Icarra is a simple but sophisticated investment tracking program. Our goal is to bring powerful and accurate investment tracking to the masses.


  • Desktop and Web Client: Run Icarra as a desktop application or as a web application. Future versions will automatically synch between the desktop and web.
  • Import Transactions: Import transactions directly from your brokerage. Icarra suports the OFX format and the Ameritrade .csv format. Qif support is coming soon.
  • Accurate: Tracks performance for an unlimited number of positions and portfolios. Account for stock splits, dividends, fees, mergers and spinoffs.
  • Performance: Measure split-adjusted performance, performance including dividends, and performance after fees.
  • Benchmark: Track your portfolio against a benchmark of your choice.
  • Cross platform: Works on Windows, Mac OS X and linux.
  • Open Source: Icarra is distributed as open source software under the BSD License. Icarra is built on several standard technologies: Python, sqlite, PyQt.
  • Free: Icarra is free during its development phase. When Icarra reaches a stable state it will be released as shareware with a generous license. Icarra will always be free when installed from source code.


Summary: Shows one year performance against benchmark, largest moving positions and a breakdown of value, returns, deposits, dividends and fees. Charts: Shows entire portfolio or one position over a selectable period of time. Shows returns adjusted for splits, dividends and fees and vs. a benchmark.
Transactions: Transactions can be imported automatically from your brokerage or added by hand. Plugins: Icarra is based on a plugin architecture. You can write your own plugins or use plugins written by other users. Icarra ships with several useful plugins such as a news feed and an allocation manager.


Icarra was founded in 2004 as a stock tracking website. It had a powerful feature set that has not been eclipsed by any other online stock tracking tool. The original Icarra website achieved a moderate level of success but never gained mass appeal. We believe the website was too cumbersome for all but the most dedicated investors.

We hope that the desktop release of Icarra is a pleasure to use. We hope that it is both simple and sophisticated. Our goal is to bring powerful and accurate investment tracking to the masses.

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